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Sunshine in Wellington - Lucilla Gray

Sunshine in Wellington - Lucilla Gray

Redhead Melbourne Illustrator Kelly Thompson wearing Lucilla Gray Earrings

Last week I visited New Zealand for a wedding with a brief stop off in Wellington. While the weather was gloomy there was a little spark of sunshine to be found in the studio of Lucilla Gray in the form of boxes and boxes of handmade earrings.

Lucilla Gray launched her namesake label a few years ago and has been on my radar since her first showing at New Zealand Fashion Week. This season in particular she has been a stand out for me as one of the younger New Zealand designers who is really starting to develop a unique and cool style. Her big coats are on my winter wishlist, they have that vintage weight and drama that I love, (more coming to her site soon), and her accessories are quite perfect in their bold simplicity, not to mention their price point!

Talking to Lucilla in her studio, made me appreciate her even more. Lucilla is friendly and gentle and we spoke freely of creative community and starting brands and manufacturing - nothing makes me love a brand more than having a friendly conversationalist at the helm! It was obvious her new jewellery direction had struck a chord with her audience, with boxes of jewellery orders all lined up and miscellaneous pieces waiting to be assembled, she looked like she could do with some extra hands around the place. It was an inspiring scene for my curious eyes.

These Tortoise Margo Hoops are my favourites of her jewellery collection. I went with green...possibly influenced by my nail-polish colour, but it was a close race with yellow not far behind (you know me and yellow).

The best part is that these beauties will only set you back $89 NZD, and she puts them together by hand!

Redhead Melbourne Illustrator wearing Lucilla Gray earrings Redhead Melbourne Illustrator wearing Lucilla Gray earrings


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