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I made a thing.. Introducing Maker's Mrkt!

I made a thing.. Introducing Maker's Mrkt!

Kelly Thompson Makers Mrkt Makers market Melbourne Ceramics

Firstly, I have to say thanks to those of you who are still visiting, I can see my traffic, so it's nice to know you're still here, happy new year to you all!

So why the long silence? WELL, so much has been happening! I just launched a new site that is dear to my heart Maker's Mrkt. Whenever I need to buy a gift, or even a treat for myself, I shop from smaller local business, creatives or young brands. As a creative myself I know how much a customer can mean to general survival and how much they are genuinely appreciated, so I decided to create a site to encourage people to shop small and support creative community. 

I've always been lucky because I know so many talented Makers to buy from, but if you're not in my industry and still want to find these lovely products it was always so difficult to find them online. It is my intention that Maker's Mrkt will become that one-stop place where people can discover and support creative talent by purchasing their art, objects and accessories.

Mrkt is still a baby with many Makers to find and add, but it feels good, and is a natural extension of my personal practice and inspired by community, it's all about building a supportive network for artists and creating awareness.

I intend this to be one of many catch up updates coming soon, it's nice to be back and I am excited to share 2018 with you. It's not all illustration anymore, but I hope that you'll continue to be part of my journey. Take a look and share your thoughts in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you after such a long break!

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