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Keynote Speaking

Kelly Thompson illustrator for Maybelline NYC 

Kelly Thompson is a confident, relaxed, relatable public speaker and event host, having spoken at over 20 events and conferences. Attendees of an event featuring Thompson comment on her honesty and approachability making her an engaging and inspiring speaker for any audience.

Alongside her experiences speaking at some of Australia and New Zealand’s most respected conferences, she is also a practised event host at the annual Curvy Creative panels - a showcase of female creative talent.

Thompson’s diverse event experience has found her not only on the big stage but also as part of various PR activations for brands, hosting classes, guiding press experiences, and creating unique experiences for media.


Kelly thompson keynote speaker for Marimekko Sydney

“I’ve had the joy of working with Kelly for over 10 years. If you know Kelly you will appreciate her warm, generous presence, inquisitive attitude and love for life. We were extremely honoured to have Kelly present at four of our major symposiums across NZ and Australia. Kelly’s talks were articulate and moving. The workshops were all sell-outs. Safe to say Kelly gained another 5000 fans each day if they weren’t already.”
— Simon Velvin | Director | Semi Permanent

“We are thrilled to have Kelly on board as our ongoing host and moderator for the CURVY creative conferences and events. Her depth of knowledge across all topics, speakers and their relevant industries is stunning. As a host, she pulls all together seamlessly and does so in a fun and disarming manner that is a joy to watch and be part of. Her passion for female empowerment and the creative community shines through in all that she does. We have greater than a 10-year history with Kelly, who has been part of the CURVY community since day one – and we look forward to many more. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
— Robert Bergin | Founder CURVY Creative Conferences

Kelly Thompson The Design Conference Brisbane

Guest Appearances

2023 - Thompson's Herbals creative workshop host - World Herb Day - Sydney
2023 - Say no to Free Pitching - The Creative Trust Podcast
2022 - David Jones , NZ Trade and Enterprise event host - Sydney
2022 - The Colour Conversation - The Creative Trust  Podcast
2021 - The Design Files Talks - On Finding your Place in the Industry Podcast
2019 - New Zealand Fashion Week delegate guest - Auckland
2019 - Visual Narratives Lecture Series - guest speaker - Victoria University Wellington
2019 - Curvy Creative Conference - host and moderator - Vivid Festival Sydney
2018 - Marimekko - Panel speaker Westfield Sydney store.
2018 - Your Creative Start Podcast guest.
2018 - Creative Hub - Panel speaker - Melbourne
2018 - Guest Jewellery Designer - Walker & Hall New Zealand
2018 - Curvy Creative Conference - host and moderator - Vivid Festival Sydney
2018 - International Women's Day "Growth Stories" speaker Marimekko - Melbourne
2017 - TV guest - The Cafe - Auckland
2017 - Curvy Creative Conference - host and moderator - Gold Coast
2017 - Foundry guest presenter - Tasmania
2017 - Spark Lab host - Semi Permanent - Auckland
2017 - Curvy Creative Women's Conference Vivid Sydney - host and guest speaker - Sydney              
2017 - The Design Conference - guest speaker - Brisbane
2016 - Look Hear conference guest speaker - Newcastle
2016 - Seafarers Club guest speaker - Auckland
2016 - Windsor Workshop host - Melbourne
2015 - Spark Lab Workshop host - Auckland
2015 - OXFAM Design For Change guest speaker - Sydney
2015 - New Zealand Fashion Week delegate guest - Auckland
2015 - Workshop Young & Lost guest speaker - Melbourne
2014 - Western Digital (WD) NAS event speaker - Melbourne
2014 - Maybelline NY Art Class host - Auckland
2014 - Semi Permanent Curvy Panel speaker - Sydney
2014 - Curvy book guest curator
2013 - Semi Permanent guest speaker - Auckland
2013 - RMIT University guest lecturer - Melbourne
2013 - Nintendo Masterclass host - Melbourne & Sydney
2012 - Guest Speaker at Billy Blue College of Design - Melbourne
2012 - JASU campaign featured Stylemaker  
2012 - Nintendo New Art Academy Ambassador
2012 - Always Sometimes Anytime NZFW guest writer
2012 - RMIT University guest lecturer - Melbourne
2011 - The Loop Portfolio Masterclass mentor - Melbourne
2011 - Semi Permanent guest speaker - Sydney
2011 - Semi Permanent guest speaker - Melbourne
2011 - Semi Permanent guest speaker - Brisbane
2010 - Fashion Palette guest speaker  -Sydney
2010 - UCOL guest speaker - Wanganui NZ

Illustrator Kelly Thompson drawingIllustrator Kelly Thompson keynote speakerIllustrator and Keynote speaker Kelly Thompson on stage

Thompson's Herbals creative workshop host - World Herb Day - Sydney Kelly Thompson Nicki Phillips

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