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Illustrator Kelly Thompson wearing Karen Walker sunglasses


Kelly Thompson's artistic odyssey commenced as a fashion photographer, but her true brilliance shone through her captivating personal work, illustrating photography subjects that earned her a spot in the limelight and featured in over 15 esteemed design books. Inside Out Magazine hailed her as the one to watch in 2023, lauding her creative genius and distinctive interior style that resonates with a wide audience.

A seasoned speaker with a gift for engaging crowds, Kelly has graced more than 40 design and lifestyle events as a keynote speaker, event host, and workshop leader. Notably, she's been a standout at the prestigious Semi Permanent conference, as well as hosting delightful makeup art classes for Maybelline and captivating audiences as an emcee for David Jones.

In 2017, a formidable health challenge with CFS confronted Kelly, but her unyielding determination paved the way for an astounding recovery. Now an inspirational health advocate, she embraces her role as a DIY home and garden enthusiast, proving that tenacity and effort can conquer any obstacle. Her authentic and positive approach endears her to many, earning her the mantle of a cherished role model who leads by example, inspiring and captivating her audience.

Clients adore Kelly for her infectious enthusiasm, unwavering professionalism, an abundance of imaginative ideas, technical prowess, personal flair, and hands-on dedication, solidifying her status as an inimitable and highly sought-after talent within the industry.


About Kelly and Work

Creative Direction and Guidance - If you are seeking outside creative guidance Kelly is an invaluable consultant when developing projects. Having worked from conception to completion for numerous corporate clients across diverse fields Kelly offers insight, opinion and direction.

Public Speaking & Event Hosting - A confident and well practised keynote speaker with extensive experience speaking to large and intimate audiences. Amongst the things Kelly has spoken about are her own practice, creative community and roles of women in creative industry. Kelly has hosted events on behalf of clients and hosted PR events for brands. She is a positive and professional speaker and teacher.

Brand Ambassador - An enthusiastic and positive brand ambassador Kelly remains an appealing choice for brands wishing to connect with a creative audience. 

Illustration & Design - Kelly is an accomplished designer and is available for commissions.  

Publications and Awards

2019 - What Would She Do, Carlton Books
2018 - Stand Up Stand Out, Carlton Books
2014 - What I Love About Movies
2014 - Pride in Print Gold Award Winner
2014 - Curvy Book Feature Artist
2013 - Pride in Print Gold Award Winner
2013 - The Purple Book, Lawrence King Press
2013 - Darkness of Noon, Pearce Press
2011 - Hand Made Illustration, Monsa Publications
2010 - Trendy Fashion Illustrators, Monsa Publications
2010 - This is Fashion Illustration, Monsa Publications
2010 - The Beautiful, Gestalten Books
2010 - Curvy Book
2009 - Wooden Toy Quarterly, Handmade Edition
2009 - Curvy Book feature artist
2008 - Curvy Book
2007 - Curvy Book



2011 - National Grid Gallery, Pyjama Party - Sydney
2010 - Superette Store, Chick Habit - Auckland
2009 - Gorker Gallery, Bookworms Never go to Bed Alone - Melbourne
2008 - Pixel Ink Gallery NZ, Recent Works - Wellington
2007 - Good as Gold Store, Women of my Dreams - Wellington

2016 - Les Petit Fours - Friends of Leon Gallery
2014 - Curvy Exhibition - Semi Permanent - Sydney
2013 - Darkness of Noon The Department Store -Auckland
2013 - Darkness of Noon Edmund Pearce Gallery - Melbourne
2012 - Curvy Book launch exhibition - Wellington
2012 - Kathryn Wilson Art of Shoes,The Northern Club - Auckland
2010 - 22,National Grid Gallery - Sydney
2010 - Article 19, Amnesty International- Auckland
2010 - Forty Thieves, Gorker Gallery - Melbourne
2009 - Paint Your Heart Out, ruby Boutique - Auckland
2009 - Love Hurts, Tattooed Heart Gallery - Auckland
2009 - A Tale of Two Kellys, Per Square Metre Gallery - Melbourne
2009 - Handdrawn, Wooden Toy Magazine, Gorker Gallery - Melbourne
2009 - Curvy Book exhibition - Sydney
2009 - Frankie Magazine exhibition - Brisbane
2008 - Fashion Week Gallery - Auckland
2008 - Manky Chops Gallery - Wellington



Bachelor of Design (Hons) - Massey University Wellington
Introductory Jewellery accredited course - Melbourne Polytechnic


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