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Just Ask

2014 has launched in good spirits and I am feeling extremely enthusiastic about what is to come this year. It appears my social media following is also feeling positive, and I notice a re-invigorated response about imagery and updates that I am sharing. Accompanying this support I have also received many more questions from people wanting to know about my work and specifics of how I create, my methods, or my life. I am always in two minds about how much I share and what I keep private, but with this modern age of social media and the value placed on profile I try to involve those who are interested as much as possible, time permitting. I remind myself of when I had freshly graduated university and didn't even realise how many things I didn't know (of course I will also have these thoughts in ten years about today) - there were so many elements to working successfully that I consider to be essential now that were never taught and a lot of the time I didn't even know existed.. I did a four-year design degree and had no idea about licensing my work, how ridiculous is that?

When I was younger I always had this idea that head creatives at big agencies were much older than me and would be intimidatingly over creative (to the point that I would feel foolish in comparison). All of these thoughts came from nowhere, it was just an insecure assumption that I had, but after working as an Account Manager at The Jacky Winter Group I realised that said creatives are just like me and there is a good chance I could catch them doing something embarrassing at a party just like anyone else. I had all of those fears prior to becoming immersed in social media, and can only imagine the types of fears younger creatives may have these days. Everyone manifests this image of how great their life is, (I am guilty too, no finger-pointing), save holiday photos from a month ago to post on that perfectly horrible grey day, making life seem so wonderful, and for those viewing it can seem like a whole other world which can quite frankly be a little depressing. Don't you just wish that people would stop fluffing sometimes and just tell it like it is? #nofilter

With these thoughts in mind, I have decided that I will open things up to conversation - sometimes it is tricky for me to keep track of questions over all my social media, so I thought that maybe we could just put them in here on my blog. You can ask and I will address the questions between my usual posts with a dedicated blog post, spreading them out depending on the content. What do you think? 

So go for it, ask away, ask about my breakfast, ask about work, ask whatever you like and I'll do my best to help out, to ask a question just add it as a comment below.



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