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Just Ask #16 - Any Good Books for Creatives?

Just Ask #16 - Any Good Books for Creatives?

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Q - Kelly, do you know any other books/websites where you can find out about starting a freelance business? I would appreciate recommendations!

Aleksandra - via previous blog post comment

A - There is one book that I have found quite interesting and helpful recently, Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter. This book is particularly good when it comes to considering what kind of business to run, and how to work with and in response to competitors. When reading through the planning steps outlined I found that along with becoming more aware of things to consider in business, I also thought in more depth about what I wanted to do and became quite inspired. While this book is not likely to be the kind of book most creatives would read on a day to day basis, it is definitely worth working through with a note pad handy.

Below are a couple more that have been suggested to me by other creative people recently:

The Art of Client Service - Robert Soloman

Damn Good Advice (for people with talent)- George Lois 

Whatever you Think, Think the Opposite- Paul Arden

If you don't have an agent and are working as an illustrator it can also be handy to join an illustration group such as The Association of Illustrators. Once a member you gain access to a huge amount of resources and advice which can be extremely helpful when starting out, particularly in areas such as licensing, paperwork and business. 

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