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Mermaiding - Layering skirts with skirts

Mermaiding - Layering skirts with skirts

Redhead Melbourne Illustrator Kelly Thompson wearing red vintage dress and Wynn Hamlyn denim skirt

I purchased this Wynn Hamlyn denim skirt and as the weather switches between southerlies to sunshine I've been playing around with different ways to wear it.

Not entirely ready to get into a pair of tights, my newest styling game is one I'm calling "Mermaiding", that is, styling skirts over skirts, or in this case, over a vintage dress. 

In my time playing with this Mermaiding concept I've come to appreciate the little peek of texture or colour flirting around my ankle, not only adding a layer of warmth, but another dimension to an outfit. My favourite ways to wear it are like this, with an overall body colour underneath, or with a fitted midi skirt over top of a pleated skirt that spills to the ground creating a homemade tulip shape effect.

It takes a little playing around, but give it a try and let me know what you think,  this Wynn Hamlyn skirt is a fun skirt to do it with because of the front split.

Get yours here

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