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Nabla Cosmetics Magic Pencil

Nabla Cosmetics Magic Pencil

Melbourne Beauty Illustrator Kelly Thompson for Nabla Cosmetics Melbourne Beauty Illustrator Kelly Thompson for Nabla Cosmetics

It's no secret I love working for a beauty brand, particularly one like Nabla Cosmetics who make cruelty free products ( and are super nice to work with too!). My second illustration for them has just released for their new Magic Pencil, this poster girl had to look fresh faced and happy with all key contour points highlighted, I sprinkled through a few freckles too because nothing says natural beauty like visible freckles! The Magic Pencil is a versatile little tool that can be used in numerous ways - as a highlighter, an eyeliner, inside the waterline, and to contour lips, the possibilities are endless really! It is also free of mineral oil, paraffin, parabens, volatile cyclomethicones (D4 , D5 , D6), and preservatives, pretty good if you ask me.

Nabla Magic Pencil

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