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Top Four from Nars

Top Four from Nars

Kelly Thompson illustrator Nars lipsticks. Nars Dolce Vita, Nars Morocco, Nars Inappropriate Red, Nars Transeurope Express

I've been playing around with 16 different Nars lippies over the last month, every day a different shade in search of a favourite, finding many more than anticipated which was a lovely surprise!

From top left

Nars Dolce Vita - a sheer finish that's super moisturising and glossy, not dissimilar to a lipgloss.

Nars Morocco - A matte finish and possibly my favourite cover out of all colours right now! 

Nars Inappropriate Red - Matte finish and 100% appropriate every single day.

Nars Transeurope Express - Matte finish purple based burgundy, I love to smudge this in with my fingers for a more diffused look.

All available from Mecca

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