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Winter with Maker's Mrkt and Marimekko

Winter with Maker's Mrkt and Marimekko

Melbourne Illustrator Kelly Thompson wearing Marimekko

Well, it's been a very long time since a blog post. 

I previously apologised for delays, but now I'm ok with it. As I get older and work changes I realise I can't be everywhere at once, and it's nice to just drop in when I feel like it instead of feeling like I must. Earlier this year I considered shutting down this blog entirely as my focus shifts more heavily towards Maker's Mgmt & Maker's Mrkt, but then someone made the point that even if I'm not here all the time it's nice to have a diary of my past and my previous thoughts. I quite liked the idea of that, and so the blog still stands albeit, less regularly updated. (Thanks Julia!).

I recently worked with Marimekko Australia and hosted an event for International Women's Day at their Chapel Street store. Marimekko is running a social campaign called Growth Stories profiling the inspiring stories behind successful women and encouraging you to share your personal growth stories, no matter how big or small by using the #growthstories hashtag. I was invited to speak to their customers and press about my own Growth Story from photographer to illustrator to the somewhat uncategorised creative I am today. The Growth Stories campaign is so fascinating for me personally because as someone trying to grow businesses I regularly wonder how the hell many people make it through and am always curious about what it takes to make a successful brand or business. Sometimes seeing that it's not all as easy as it looks from the outside is just what a gal needs to dig her heels in and keep nudging along.

Speaking of personal growth, I'm feeling unexpectedly excited, surprised and a little bit "How did I end up with another business" when it comes to Maker's Mrkt . My little "shop" tab on the Maker's Mgmt site that without plan became a standalone online store in January has been gently blossoming to now host 30 independent Makers. It's still only covering basic costs and a part time staff member, but it's exciting to see sales growing weekly and people really getting behind the beautiful products and the Makers we host. Our Meet The Maker blog is now in the top 10% of Shopify blogs...I'm not sure if that's much of an achievement, but I know I love reading about the creative processes, inspirations and love that goes into the products we sell. I'm hoping that the little Mrkt site will be the difference between a Maker being able to continue working with what they love or having to give up their passion.

I have a few more things to share with you, but I know attention spans are short these days so I will come back with those soon. In the meantime, here are some snaps of the new Marimekko collection ( a company that has over 90% female employees, how good is that!)

I hope you are all well! See you soon x Kelly

Red head illustrator Kelly Thompson wearing Marimekko

Melbourne Illustrator Kelly Thompson wearing MarimekkoMelbourne Illustrator Kelly Thompson wearing MarimekkoMelbourne Illustrator Kelly Thompson wearing Marimekko

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