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Darkness of Noon


Darkness of Noon is a collaboration between photographer Derek Henderson and Kelly Thompson where photography and drawing intersect seamlessly. Featuring nudes of Zippora Seven the resulting imagery reflects Henderson’s democratic naturalism, where all phenomena is given equal attention. Thompson’s illustrations serve to complement and simplify the broader vision of the project.

Darkness of Noon launched in March 2013, in conjunction with the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival at Edmund Pearce Gallery

The first edition of Darkness of Noon is limited to 1000 casebound copies. Included in this edition are 150 limited edition copies that have been signed and numbered by both artists and presented in a handcrafted slipcase.

TITLE: Darkness of Noon
DESIGNED BY: Fabio Ongarato
FORMAT: 365mm x 300mm
ISBN: 978-0-646-59183-4
RELEASE DATE: March 14 2013
number of plates – 55
page extent – 112 + cover


Darkness of Noon

$75.00 AUD

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