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Now what?

Now what?

Australian Wildfires, now what? Kelly Thompson illustration blog

Like many in Australia and abroad I've donated as much as I can (for now) to the Australian fire appeals, but I still feel helpless and strange going back to work as normal - almost guilty to find little drops of joy in my day when outside things are so terrible. 

Unfortunately, we can't undo what has happened and as much as it rages us that this could have been prevented or at least better maintained had our leaders listened to the science, we now find ourselves thinking "what's next?"

We now have no excuses and can't deny the facts about climate change, we must change and we need to see this tragedy as an opportunity for reinvention and progression. While this may sound daunting, it doesn't need to be, I encourage you all to make small adjustments in your day to day life.

Australian wildfires, what's next? Kelly Thompson creative blog Melbourne

Consider your options, take steps to educate yourself, make small tweaks to your diet, your consumerism, how you shop, where you shop and how you travel. Use your voice, write letters to those in power, do one thing every day with our community and environment in mind.

Small steps result in big changes, for the last week or so I've chosen vegan lunches, stored packaging from deliveries to reuse for Maker's Mrkt and chosen to walk over driving. They may seem like small things, but it all adds up if we are all changing in unison. What are you doing to make a positive change? Here is a list of some easy adjustments to help you get started...

Kelly Thompson Australian Wildfires tips to change the world Kelly Thompson Creative Australian Wildfires what's next?


I'd love to hear your thoughts on simple changes to make in day to day life. Share them in the comments below. 

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