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My First Book - Darkness of Noon

My First Book - Darkness of Noon

After over a year of work I can finally, with much joy announce that my collaboration with Derek Henderson Darkness of Noon has been released by Pearce Press. Darkness of Noon is a nude study of model Zippora Seven, one of New Zealand's most popular models often referred to as New Zealand's answer to Kate Moss. Derek contacted me in 2011 after photographing Zippora numerous times with the idea of a book in mind, it was exciting for me to be approached by such a well-known photographer, and it was so refreshing to talk to a photographer who was willing to hand over his work to me so freely, confident I could do a good job. Once I (pretended I was cool, forced myself to wait to reply) agreed to the project Derek supplied me with his unedited imagery and I was left to study his photographs and create my own illustrated interpretation of Zippora. Thousands of photos and the freedom to choose any I wanted, it was bliss, if Derek was a client, life would be just perfect.

Often the project was left hanging while I focused on essential client work, and it became my little area of creative relax, it was so refreshing to have a project with no deadline that I could immerse myself in, I am going to miss it. I drew Zippora In a range of sizes from A4 to close to A0 and over 30 times, I started to be able to pick which shoot sitting each photo came from based on her body and how her face changed, I feel like I know how she moves based on the way she holds her hands and crosses her feet. 

Once I had completed a collection Derek, myself and Fabio Ongarato (who designed the book) created a rough layout and then I developed more works based on what we felt the book needed. It was a fantastic collaborative effort and I am so grateful to Pearce Press for taking the leap and choosing our book to be their very first to publish. 

The book comes in a standard edition which is 365mm x 300mm, 112 pages, 55 plates, and a limited edition which is signed by us both and limited to 150 copies. The limited-edition version includes a crafted slipcase and an A2 size poster.

Darkness of Noon can be purchased here. 

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